Monday, 14 October 2013

War Chhod Na Yaar Movie Review

War Chhod Na Yaar (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 05 min.

“War Chhod Na Yaar” is based on Indo-Pak border issues. It shows how countries like China and America take advantage of such situations. Film creates curios and interesting moments but seems slow at times. Long and tiring climax is also one of the weak points of the film. This drama suggests in a simplistic ay that how the border issue can be easily resolved and it’s good for both the countries not to fight because nobody wins.

Captain Rana (Sharman Joshi) is a brave and intelligent guy who instead of fighting enjoys the relationship with the Pakistani soldier Captain Qureshi (Javed Jaffery) on India –Pakistan border. On the other side TV reporter Ruth Dutta (Soha Ali Khan) goes to the border for a secret coverage as being told by Prime Minister of India. She discovers a healthy relationship between Indo-Pak soldiers and tries to tries to find out a way to stop the battle supposed to happen in a near future.

The dialogues of the film are thought provoking but the romance between Rana and Ruth seems unconvincing. They just fall in love in no time. Sharman Joshi plays his role responsible well. Javed Jaffery is also good in his part. Dalip Tahil plays four roles in the film which are P.M. of both India and Pakistan while the other two are president of US and Premier of China. This reminds me of Kamal Hassan in Dasavathaaram; although things are quite different it. Soha Ali Khan looks charming; she has improved her performance with time.

Verdict: - Interesting topic makes it a bit engaging but doesn't go beyond a certain extent. Hence, remains an average watch.

Ratings:-  2 / 5 Stars

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  1. Not worth going to a hall to watch, may be I will watch it when shown in TV.

    1. Yes..Indrani it's not worth watching in the theaters.....better to watch on TV only