Sunday, 20 October 2013

Shahid Movie Review

Shahid (A)

Length:-  2 hrs. 9 min.


Shahid is a biographical documentary based on the controversial life of Shahid Azmi. Film shows how our system lacks just in the basics of justice, rest a way beyond. Movie shows what happened to Shahid Azmi after which he made his mind to become a lawyer and fight for the people who cannot afford justice. Although there isn’t enough explanation about what happened with Shahid in Kashmir but still the film is engaging and thrilling. My favorite  dialogue of the film is “ Zurm karne wale aur zurm shane wale dono ka koi mashab nahi hota hai, Kya hota hai na marta bhi insaan hai aur marta bhi insaan hai”.

Shahid Azmi (Raj Kumar Yadav) is being arrested somewhere in 1993 because of the belief of having links with the terrorists. Being tortured there continuously; Shahid resumes his education in jail itself. He comes out the jail after 7 years because of the lack of the evidence. He develops a relationship with his first client Mariam (Prabhleem Sandhu) and finally gets married to her. He fought as many as 17 cases in his career before being shot dead by unknown people. How he was accepted by the society and his journey to pursued justice is what movie is all about.

Raj Kumar Yadav is brilliant in & as Shahid. Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub is also good in a supporting character of Shahid brother. Prabhleen Sandhu brings reality to her character emotionally. Shahid is a brave and sincere effort by Director Hansal Mehta. It cannot be denied that sometimes film struggles to collect numerous incidents from Shahid’s life. Shahid is quiet watchable and gripping entertainer.

Verdict:- Has flaws in it but still gripping and engaging watch.

Ratings:-   3.5 / 5 Stars

Shahid Movie Official Trailer


  1. Wow yet to go for the movie..but I think I'll go this weekend.Nice review

    1. Watch it and let me know how you find it...Ankita