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Mickey Virus Movie Review

Mickey Virus (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 15 min.

Mickey Virus is a comic thriller based on hackers based in Delhi and criminal case of International hackers getting killed. Film is too slow in the first 40- 50 minutes that it doesn’t matter whether you watch it or not. It’s only after that the film gains some momentum but there are too many twists and turns which are certainly not acceptable when they are compared to real life. Mickey Virus focuses on its central character Mickey Arora having nickname as Mickey Virus.

Mickey Arora (Manish Paul) is a Delhi based hackers who works as a freelancer and also engaged with a big community of hackers in Delhi. ACP Siddhanth (Manish Choudhary) who has been assigned a case of International hackers getting killed during their visit to Delhi. He takes help from Mickey and makes him an ethical hacker. Mickey falls in love with Kamayani (Elli Avaram); to save her a trouble he makes a transfer of Rs 100 crore by hacking into bank’s site. Soon after Kamayani has been murdered, also the money transfer he did was completely illegal. Mickey finds himself in a big trouble, what happens next can be seen in the film.

Mickey Virus shows how casually youth takes their day to day things. This is being shown so deep because of which film loses its track. Manish Paul work is fair enough if not good. Varun Badola is superb in a supporting role as an Inspector. Puja Gupta doesn’t get much chance in the film.

Dialogues of the film are written in an absurd language which is mostly being used by youth nowadays. Mickey Virus shows too much hacking that it’s hard to believe that there are too many available, living like a vagabond just in Delhi. Often we see computer screens are been shown to make us believe that a high profile work are actually being done. There is disconnect between the plot and high graphics display.

Die Hard 4 which was a film based on hacking shows a proper connection between a real life genius and a computer genius. In Mickey Virus it is being shown that the other than hackers nobody knows anything about computers, even how much does it cost to get the system upgraded.Overall, I will say that Mickey Virus is film that lacks proper structuring and execution of the plot.

Verdict: - Throws light on an interesting topic but fails to do justice with it.

Ratings:-     2  / 5 Stars

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