Saturday, 5 October 2013

Besharam Movie Review

Besharam (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 18 min.

Besharam is so silly to understand, the script is just a set of some ridiculous events. In one scene Ranbir Kapoor shows his almost half of his naked ass. Ranbir Kapoor is now considered to be an established actor although he has performed like a Besharam but that doesn’t help the film much. Abhinav Kashyap who earlier directed a successful film named “Dabangg” has made this film without its soul. Rishi Kapoor & Neetu Kapoor are also let down by their underwritten characters.

Babli (Ranbir Kapoor) is car thief and orphan. One day Babli meets Tara Sharma (Pallavi Sharda) in a party and develops feelings for her. Tara doesn’t like him much. Babli steals a car without knowing that it belongs to Tara. Tara goes to a police station for the complaint/FIR, there she meets Inspector Chulbul Chautala (Rishi Kapoor) who under the pressure of his wife Bulbul ask her for bribery. Babli as soon as comes to know that he stole Tara’s car tries to help her in getting back the same.
 Expectations from the film were high but it’s being letdown, comedy in the film also doesn’t work much. Pallavi Sharda performs well as a newcomer but has nothing much to do in the film. Javed Jaffrey gives an interesting start to the film which sooner turns into a dump entertainer.

Besharam also has more songs than it was actually required. At times the film seems to be running only by the Kapoor’s and their stardom, not by the script by which it was supposed to be. Few one-liners like “Mere seene mein dil nahi dost jigar hai jigar who kabhi tutata nahi” creates small moments in the film which doesn’t last long.

Verdict: - A disappointment not only by Abhinav Kashyap but also by Ranbir Kapoor by choosing this film.

Ratings: -   1.5 / 5 Stars

Besharam Movie Official Trailer


  1. That means it will be soon on TV channels.

  2. I am guessing even the most loyal Ranbir fans might not like this one....