Saturday, 3 August 2013

B A Pass Movie Review

B A Pass (A)

Length: - 1 hr. 41min.

B A Pass is a straight forward presentation of the brutal reality of our society. It’s an erotic thriller which is unpredictable and executes smoothly. The negative point of the film is it leaves you frustrated as it ends. The sex scenes in the first half are bold enough but the film doesn’t deviate from its theme because of that. Based on the novel “Railway Aunty” film touches many issues like poverty and male prostitution.

A young boy named Mukesh (Shadab Kamal) after his parents death moves to Delhi for under graduation. Mukesh is being encountered by a married woman named Sarika (Shilpa Shukla) who seduces him and he quickly entangles into a situation which ends up in a mysterious prostitution activties . Mukesh who has to take care of his two sisters living in an orphan finds himself stuck where he neither has a house nor the money to take care of his sisters.

Film doesn’t answer many questions till the end in order to make the theme realistic. The story seems to be believable because of the good performances and the narratives in which it’s being told. Shilpa Shukla is superb in her performance, she expresses so much through her eyes and body language. She has played her role with an ease. The other main character is played by Shadab Kamal is also good enough and hold the film in his hand. Rests of the characters are in short appearances and is of lesser importance. 

There is a special appearance by Deepti Naval in the film which forms a part of the film.The film tries to give a message of not indulging into fraudulent activities which may lead you to lose everything.

Verdict:- Overall, it’s a good film but don’t watch it if you are tensed because it may intensify that.

Ratings:-     3 / 5 Stars

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