Saturday, 22 June 2013

Raanjhanaa Movie Review

Raanjhanaa (U/A)

Length: - 2hrs. 20 min.

Raajhanaa is a story about a boy chasing a girl consistently in spite of her yes and no’s at times. Raajhanaa has a good first half but its second half is confusing, long and less convincing. Though at times you feel the film is good enough that feeling goes in a short span of time.

Kundan (Dhanush) a Brahmin boy who falls in love with a Muslim girl, Zoya (Sonam Kapoor) at first sight. Though she agrees to the relationship but they are being separated by their parents. Kundan’s love remains the same after years while Zoya started liking her colleague Akram (Abhay Deol) and wants even to marry him. Kundan love is being tested every time as the story proceeds.

Film turns out to a political drama in the second half which is not so good. Dhanush is just too good in his role while Sonam Kapoor has also given her best performance till date. Abhay Deol is also fine but his role is not long enough.

Few of the one-liners are really good enough. One of them is “Tumhara pyaar na ho gaya. UPSC ka exam ho gaya .10 saal se paas hi nahi ho raha.

Verdict: - Despite its disappointing second half and plot holes, deserves a watch.

Ratings:-    3/ 5 Stars


  1. looks like a good movie to watch .. anyways trailor s spoke for the movie...
    And Abhay Deol movie can rarely be bad if not good !! :)
    Thanks for the review dost !!

    1. ya its a good movie to watch .....Abhay Deol is a fine actor