Saturday, 6 April 2013

Chashme Baddoor Movie Review

Chashme Baddoor (U/A)

Length: - 2hrs 11Min

Chashme Baddoor which is a remake of Hindi movie by the same name came more than 30 years back. David Dhawan a well-known comedy film maker of the industry delivers genuine laughing moments but its being limited to the first half of the movie. In the second half of the film it seems that everything has become predictable and the jokes are also is also just a few. Chashme Baddoor is low on the storyline but still manages to entertain you in the first half.

Movie is about the three roomies Sid (Ali Zafar), Jai (Siddharth Narayan) & Omi (Divyendu Sharma) who lives in Goa. Omi & Jai are causal guy, who approaches a new neighbour girl Seema (Taapsee Paanu) and fails in getting her. While, Sid gets entangled with her luckily in a unusual way. When Omi & jai finds Sid and Seema making romance, they become jealous of it and want to tear them apart. What happens next can be seen in the film.

There is an interesting way in which David Dhawan tries to entertain which is by playing few lines of the songs of the previous movies which fits the situation. Performances are not too good. Ali Zafar seems struggling in most of the scenes to act better. Siddharth Narayan is just ok while Divyendu Sharma looks confident and manages to play his part well. As seen in the trailer, Rishi Kapoor’s character always moulds the old sayings in his own way with his own reason attached to it seems working partially if not fully. David Dhawan has also included one scene from the older version of the movie i.e. Chamko detergent powder isn’t that good but not bad either.

Overall, I believe that it’s a 2 star movie and half star bonus for the comedy in the film
Verdict: - Go for it only if you are big comedy movie fan otherwise 
                it’s avoidable 

Ratings: -   2.5 / 5 Stars



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