Saturday, 30 March 2013

Himmatwala Movie Review

Himmatwala (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 31 min.

Movie opens with the item song “Thank God it’s Friday” pictured on Sonakshi Sinha which quickly turns into a mindless entertainer. In Himmatwala nothing seems to be in place whether it’s plot, the dialogues and even the costumes. Sajid Khan fails to create an atmosphere of 80’s. Costumes worn by the people of those times were quiet simple but in this movie discover girls of that time wearing modern clothes. Similar dialogues like “Assa abhi nahi hota, bees saal hoga” are repeated many times which is so boring, also few other repetitive one’s which is hard to tolerate. Himmatwala which is entirely shot in a village gives you the feel of today’s Indian village not a village of that time. Also, the film belongs to Ajay Devgn (Himmatwala/ Ravi) while rest of the cast is just supporting him and has nothing much to do in the entire film.

Comedy part of the film is not at all funny even the masala movie lovers will also be disappointed by this one. Himmatwala is also too lengthy and has much less to convey which may even lead you to yawning while watching it. Ajay Devgn looks good and has performed well as well. Tamanna has also performed fair enough but her character becomes weak after few scenes of her entry. Paresh Rawal is cracking jokes all the time in the film but instead being funny the jokes are a bit complex.

Overall, Himmatwala is really not a good film rather it’s hard to tolerate.

Verdict: - Certainly bad choice to watch

Ratings:-  1/ 5 Stars


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