Saturday, 16 March 2013

3G Movie Review

3G (A)

Length- 2hrs 5min

3G is a movie about how a 3G enabled handset becomes a part of couple went for holiday to Fiji. Movie is so slow in the first half and has quiet little to tell and much to show about the couple’s romance. Second half does have a track but the entire movie is full of plot holes. The couple chases the clues they get one by one but every time it leads to a different story which makes the plot complex to understand. Also, there is no explanation in the movie that in spite of throwing, leaving, even in the condition of being broken. How the phone comes back to couples through some or the other person. Without any proper connection the story keeps on going. The climax is not convincing and leaves many questions unanswered including what’s the proper connection between the 3G enabled cellphone and the couple.

Fiji locations in which the movie is shot are really beautiful but the movie is certainly not. Sonal Chauhan looks charming and tries to give natural performance and succeeds just a bit in that. Neil Nitin Mukesh looks obnoxious ;sometimes while trying to scare. 3G could have been good film if its story might have been simpler and interesting also if the suspense revealed was good enough.

Cellphone rings in every 10-15 minutes and every time tries to depict a different story, which becomes unbearable after sometime. Although 3G doesn’t have many songs but still the ones which are there makes the film even more dragging. Also, the filmmaker should understand that 3G connection through cellphone has just additional feature of video calling. But, in the film you will discover that how big things can come out of the phone and many other unbelievable incidents.

Overall, 3G is not a good choice to watch not even for a single time.

Ratings –   1.5/ 5 stars

Verdict- Bad choice to watch


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