Saturday, 30 March 2013

Himmatwala Movie Review

Himmatwala (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 31 min.

Movie opens with the item song “Thank God it’s Friday” pictured on Sonakshi Sinha which quickly turns into a mindless entertainer. In Himmatwala nothing seems to be in place whether it’s plot, the dialogues and even the costumes. Sajid Khan fails to create an atmosphere of 80’s. Costumes worn by the people of those times were quiet simple but in this movie discover girls of that time wearing modern clothes. Similar dialogues like “Assa abhi nahi hota, bees saal hoga” are repeated many times which is so boring, also few other repetitive one’s which is hard to tolerate. Himmatwala which is entirely shot in a village gives you the feel of today’s Indian village not a village of that time. Also, the film belongs to Ajay Devgn (Himmatwala/ Ravi) while rest of the cast is just supporting him and has nothing much to do in the entire film.

Comedy part of the film is not at all funny even the masala movie lovers will also be disappointed by this one. Himmatwala is also too lengthy and has much less to convey which may even lead you to yawning while watching it. Ajay Devgn looks good and has performed well as well. Tamanna has also performed fair enough but her character becomes weak after few scenes of her entry. Paresh Rawal is cracking jokes all the time in the film but instead being funny the jokes are a bit complex.

Overall, Himmatwala is really not a good film rather it’s hard to tolerate.

Verdict: - Certainly bad choice to watch

Ratings:-  1/ 5 Stars


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Rangrezz Movie Review

Rangrezz (U/A)

Length: 2hrs 24Min


Rangrezz is story about three friends who wants to help one of their friends in getting a girl he loves. What’s extra is an unexpected twist in the end which somehow engages you in the drama. Movie tries to justify friendship stronger than any other relationship. Rajpal Yadav has played his part really well and entertains you as always. Jackky Bhagnani has improved a lot but his acting isn’t that impressive. Priya Anand as Jackky’s lover looks confident and manages to play her part well.

Rangrezz is the remake of Tamil Movie “Naadodigal”. Movie didn’t get much publicity through its trailer and other promotional activities which have lower down the expectation from the Film but it’s not that bad to watch. Rangrezz is not fully convincing neither it dumps down. It provides a simple story which gives you not decent but ok kind of a time pass.

After a long time Santosh Sivan and Priyadarshan has come together to work for a film. Santosh Sivan’s cinematography is nice. While, Priyadarshan has tried to get back in delivering a serious drama with a bit of comedy attached to it.

Verdict- Rangrezz is neither a nice entertainer nor it is a boring one

Ratings – 2.5/ 5 Stars

Saturday, 16 March 2013

3G Movie Review

3G (A)

Length- 2hrs 5min

3G is a movie about how a 3G enabled handset becomes a part of couple went for holiday to Fiji. Movie is so slow in the first half and has quiet little to tell and much to show about the couple’s romance. Second half does have a track but the entire movie is full of plot holes. The couple chases the clues they get one by one but every time it leads to a different story which makes the plot complex to understand. Also, there is no explanation in the movie that in spite of throwing, leaving, even in the condition of being broken. How the phone comes back to couples through some or the other person. Without any proper connection the story keeps on going. The climax is not convincing and leaves many questions unanswered including what’s the proper connection between the 3G enabled cellphone and the couple.

Fiji locations in which the movie is shot are really beautiful but the movie is certainly not. Sonal Chauhan looks charming and tries to give natural performance and succeeds just a bit in that. Neil Nitin Mukesh looks obnoxious ;sometimes while trying to scare. 3G could have been good film if its story might have been simpler and interesting also if the suspense revealed was good enough.

Cellphone rings in every 10-15 minutes and every time tries to depict a different story, which becomes unbearable after sometime. Although 3G doesn’t have many songs but still the ones which are there makes the film even more dragging. Also, the filmmaker should understand that 3G connection through cellphone has just additional feature of video calling. But, in the film you will discover that how big things can come out of the phone and many other unbelievable incidents.

Overall, 3G is not a good choice to watch not even for a single time.

Ratings –   1.5/ 5 stars

Verdict- Bad choice to watch


Friday, 15 March 2013

Jolly LLB Movie Review

Jolly LLB (U/A)

Length: - 2 hrs. 11 Min

Jolly LLB is a simplistic movie about a struggling lawyer Jagdish Tyagi (Arshad Warsi).Movie revolves round the case of few people killed while sleeping on footpath by a rich drunk boy. Jolly LLB is never consistent and dumps down a numerous number of times. First half being quiet slow has nothing much to say but just a simple twist. Though Director Subhash Kapoor tries to make things as real as possible but it’s not emotionally convincing and lacks the pace as well.

Performance of Arshad Warsi is good but not great while Boman Irani has played his character quiet naturally. Sourabh Shukla has given a brilliant performance and he is the one who steals attraction even more than the main characters. Amrita Rao has nothing much to do. She is just in a supportive character.

Positive point of the movie is few good one liners also Sourabh Shukla’s character which brings smile on the face in an unexpected way. Although Jolly LLB never completely dumps down nor does it comes up much. But, the fact is that it’s not boring unlike other movies and has some enjoyable and entertaining moments.

Songs and romance in the movie has been given much more space than required. If you saw the trailer of the movie you might be expecting something which is much smarter than the film actually has.

Overall, I will say Jolly LLB is somewhat less than a good film.

Ratings: -   2.5/5 Stars

Verdict: -   Somewhat less than a good film

Friday, 8 March 2013

Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns Movie Review

Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns (A)

Length-2 hrs. 26 min

Sequel to the last movie Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster has a similar touch like the last movie. The ingredients being lust, betrayal and revenge are finely delivered by Tigmanshu Dhulia. Movie has a nice dialogues powered by good performances. The first half of the movie has too much to explain about the characters that you feel a little bore sometimes. It has somewhat more detailing about the characters which could have been shorter. Although the movie never dumps down but still leaves you a little restless because of its length. Item number by Mugdha Godse is ok but has nothing to do with the plot and seems to be putted unnecessary.
The second half of the movie has most of the twists and turns that exists in the film. Although not much predictable but it does not go far beyond predictable as well. Jimmy Shergill has played his part really well and gives a feel of real Saheb. Irfan Khan delivers a superb performance while Mahie Gill is just ok. Soha Ali Khan looks more confident in playing her character in the second half.
                                                                                                                                              Movie is good enough but a lot more was aspected before the ending of this part. Tigmanshu Dulia has done a good job whether be it camerawork, dialogue, drama and even the love making scene.

Overall, it’s a good movie to watch.

Ratings – 3/ 5 stars

Verdict- Good 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Attacks of 26/11 Movie Review

The Attacks of 26/11 (A)

Length: -1 hr. 58 Min.

The Attacks of 26/11 is movie about the Mumbai attacks which took place in 2008 in Mumbai. Being based on that, the story of the movie is already known but what Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) wants to convey is the detailed version of that.

As first seven minutes of the movie which was already released on YouTube also, been received well. As the movie proceeds further it has almost the same level which is being in the video.

Varma has always being experimenting with his unique camerawork in his recent movies like Sarkar Raj, Not a Love Story and many others. This time RGV has delivered a nice camerawork from every possible angle and perspective.

Although movie has small flaws in it seems a bit unrealistic but they are minor and can be ignored in front of numerous good ones.

There seems to be a problem with new actors in the movie they are unable to give a realistic experience. Nana Patekar has played his role good enough. Also,Nana Patekar’s character narrating what has actually happened is just one way Communication which also seems to be unrealistic after an extent.

In the last 15-20 minutes of the movie, the scene which tries to tell what actual Islam is  all about has particularly good dialogues some of them are abusive  good, but it seems to be stretched a bit.

Overall, I will say that The Attacks of 26/11 is not a bad choice to watch.

Ratings-  3/ 5 Stars

Verdict - Good

Friday, 1 March 2013

I,Me Aur Main Movie Review

I, Me Aur Main (U/A)

Length: 1 hr. 48 Min

Ishaan Sabarwal (John Abraham) living with his girlfriend Anushka (Chitrangada) in a flat for last three years. Although Anushka loves him but for Ishaan everything is just fun. So, he takes their relationship lightly. However one day Anushka sends him out of her house. Ishaan gets a new rented house and gets indulge with his neighbour girl Gauri (Prachi Desai). How Ishaan suffers in his both personal and professional life because of his selfish and childish attitude make the story move.

Movie has good characters but these characters are so weakly written that they don’t have much to play and express.

Plot of the movie is so weak that it will make you restless many times. Although not long in length but still feels like being stretched.

It’s a drama which is never engaging. Although tries to grab your attention in last few minutes but they are shorter also by that time you had already lost the interest.

Also, tries to deliver a realistic drama which has fewer details and more plot holes.

John Abraham has putted lot of efforts in playing his character but he is still is not convincing. Prachi Desai and Chitrangada have played their character well. Prachi looks charming and tries to deliver natural performance.

 I, Me Aur Main is not good choice to watch.

Verdict: Not Good

Ratings:  2/5 Stars