Sunday, 17 February 2013

Murder 3 Movie Review

Murder 3 (U/A)

Length- 2hrs

Murder 3 which a sequel to Murder franchise of the Bhatt camp. This time Emraan Hashmi has been replaced by Randeep Hooda. Vikram (Randeep Hooda) is a photographer who’s girlfriend Roshini (Aditi Rao Hydari) is missing. She has only left a video message to forget her. Vikram tries to forget her by getting indulge with Nisha (Sara Loren) a waitress.

As Murder 3 proceeds it quickly dumps down to a boring plot till the intermission after that the story has been narrated again with an explanation point of view for the incidents that took place in first half which makes it a bit interesting. But, yet there is no suspense in the movie which makes you curious to what could be the possible ending.

Aditi Rao Hydari looks charming and has made some efforts to deliver her role. Randeep Hooda fails to deliver a good performance while Sara Loren struggles to get engaged with her character numerous times.

One of the most unique thing about this sequel is that none of the person is murdered in the movie which was common in other parts. Possibly, the debut director Vishesh Bhatt tries to justify the tagline that this valentine love will be murdered not a person or human being which is part of the climax of the movie.

Vishesh Bhatt as a director tries to show something unique and innovative but it seems that he needs to gain some more experience to deliver it.

Climax of the movie leaves you in a situation where you might expect something more to convey or to be explained about the characters.

Overall, Murder 3 is certainly not a good choice to watch.

Ratings – 2/5 Stars

Verdict- Not Good

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