Sunday, 24 February 2013

Kai Po Che Movie Review

Kai Po Che! (U)

Length:  2 hrs. 6 Min

Kai Po Che is adapted from the Chetan Bhagat’s bestseller novel The 3 Mistakes of My Life. It’s a story about three friends who lives in Ahmedabad. They start a sports shop cum academy by borrowing loan from one of the relatives. But due to the earthquakes which came in Gujarat during that time destroys their shop and brings problems in their friendship as well. What happens after this is a part of the movie.
                                                                                                      Abhishek Kapoor as a director has delivered exactly what a cinema needs to. The camera work of Ajay Goswani is brilliant; it follows step by step to the plot and the footsteps of the star cast. Screenplay of Kai Po Che could have been a bit better. Raj Kumar Yadav (Govind Patel) has played a stiff penny-pincher nicely while Amit Sadh (Omi) seems quiet indulged with his character but Sushant Singh Rajput (Ishaan) acts natural and looks confident in playing his part.
                           Kai Po Che is quiet realistic but yet highly entertaining movie. The Chemistry between the three actors as friend gives you the real and convincing feel. Abhishek Kapoor’s direction never dumps down & it’s quiet engaging which dips inside the human emotions & realistic sequences. In the second half the story drags a bit although the climax is good.
                                                                                 Overall, Kai Po Che is a cinematic experience which is rare in Bollywood.

Ratings: 4/5 Stars

Verdict: Very Nice  


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