Friday, 4 January 2013

Table No. 21 Movie Review

Table No.21 (A) - 1 hr. 49 min.


Vivaan (Rajeev Khandelwal) & Siya (Tina Desae) are couple who wins a free holiday trip to Fiji. In Fiji they meet Mr Khan (Paresh Rawal) who explains them about a game named Table 21 in which they can win a prize of Rs 21 Crores. They just have to give truthful answers of 8 questions & have to perform a task related to it. But once Siya lies & as per the main rules of the game “if you lie you die”, she has to die.
                                                                                              Will Vivaan be able to save his wife from death? What is the truth Siya is trying to hide? Mr Khan is just a businessman or he has a motive too can be seen in the film.


Movie is a bit slow in the starting but as it proceeds it becomes more engaging & emotional. Second half of the movie is better than the first half which is usually not there in most of the Bollywood films. Climax of the movie is unpredictable & appreciable which becomes the theme of the movie after being revealed. Problem which can be seen in the film is its storyline not being powerful. Hence, fails to create an impact also lacks in creating thrilling effect especially in the first half.

Ratings- 3/5 stars

Verdict- One time watchable

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