Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Trendsetter Movies of Bollywood in 2012

                                  Trendsetters Movies of Bollywood in 2012

1.      Barfi
Barfi with its remarkable cinematography has set a new trend in Indian Cinema. Film has also been send for the Oscar this year. Hats off to Anurag Basu’s Barfi for it’s freshness.

2.      Talaash
Murder mystery directed by Reema Kagti & Aamir Khan in lead role delivers a multilayer suspense drama which is never conveyed before. Being simplistic yet powerful & engaging tries to give new direction to suspense drama.

3.      Oh My God (OMG)
OMG adopted from a Gujarati TV serial Kanjibhai v/s Kanjibhai, starts a debate between blindly believing in God & being logical. It raises many questions on the commercialization of religion.

4.      Kahaani
One of the best suspense thriller’s in Indian Cinema. Suspense revealed in the movie is totally expected unlike other suspense movie. Movie in which flaws can hardly be found out.

5.      Vicky Donor
Movie on bold topic of sperm donation with new comers as a lead. It’s one of the remarkable & unforgettable movies of the year. Vicky Donor opens door for movies on bold topics but yet not being vulgar.

6.      Gangs of Wasseypur
Gangs of Wasseypur which came in two parts this year .Because of its unique narrative & dialogues. It’s being well appreciated by the critics as well as audiences. Anurag Kashyap has set a trend how film without big star cast and high techniques can also be entertaining.

7.      Student of the Year (SOTY)
Movie is set in a high profile school. It shows how people envy each other because of the competition faced by the current generation. Also it shows the thought process of the new generation from the stage of youthfulness to adulthood.
8.      English Vinglish
English Vinglish which is the comeback movie of the famous actress Sridevi this year. This is one of the most watchable films of the year. It’s about a lady facing difficulty of her weak English. How she learns English and overcome her weakness is narrated in a simple but yet enjoyable and unique way.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Dabangg 2 Movie Review

Dabangg 2(U/A)

Length 2hrs. 9 min.

Movie is set in Kanpur,this time Chulbul Pandey's opponent is Bachha Bhaiya(Prakash Raj).This time also movie delivers the same action sequences seen in the first.Salman Khan delivers a superb performance while Sonasakhi Sinha is just ok.Movie has nothing much to say in terms of story.If you are looking for some serious cinemas this is surely not the one.But still Dabangg is not that boring which was actually expected from the film.Dabangg 2 is better than first but still it has lots of plot holes.Villian of the movie is also unable to give much trouble to Chulbul Pandey which makes movie unpredictable and lacks to create curiosity .Overall Dabangg is just another movie in the series with nothing special in it.

Ratings-2.5/5 Stars

Verdict-Not Good

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Talaash Movie Review

Talaash(U/A)- 2hrs. 22Min.


Movie opens up in scene in which a car goes directly into sea. Film star Armaan Kapoor who was driving is no more. Inspector Shekhawat (Aamir Khan) has been assigned this case. Talaash is not just a murder mystery but it has much more to say. Shekhawat & his wife Roshni (Rani Mukherjee) has lost their 8 yrs. Old child in an accident, which has taken happiness from their life. Talaash has a gripping story line which holds you till the end. In spite of feeling curious, you will find it interesting & engaging.
Inspector Shekhawat  meets a sex worker Rosy( Kareena Kapoor) one day & gets help from her in solving the case. Shekhawat starts spending whole night with her a number of times, talking about the case & his life matters. But he feels that every clue he is getting leads him to even more darkness. First half of the movie is quiet enjoyable & indulging while the initial second half drags a bit for almost 15-20 minutes. The Climax of the movie comes in an unexpected way. In spite of answering all the questions it makes you think how the sequence are connected & why did it happen.
In total Talaash is movie which cannot be missed if you like movies which leaves an impact & makes you think that.

Ratings   3.5/5 Stars

Verdict  Nice