Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Movie Review

Jab Tak Hai Jaan(U/A)- 2hrs. 59Min.

Samar Anand(Shahrukh Khan) is poor & works as a cleaner,waiter and much more while Meera(Katrina Kaif) is a daughter of a billionaire in London.Sooner they becomes friends & friendship turns into love.Also,Meera has a give & take relationship with god.Once,she asks for Samar's life in accident & gives samar's presence from her life because of this Samar 
becomes angry with god & joins Indian Army as a bomb disposal.Akira(Anushka) gets interest in his life & want to make documentary on him by the name "A man who cannot die".But before the telecast of documentary samar got hit by a vehicle & goes 10 year back in his memory.

Will Samar be able to gain his memory back? Will Akira be able to make her career without documentary? Will Meera be able to break her give & take relationship with god?

Movie starts well but drags a quiet several times which makes it boring.Although music & screenplay is good enough but lacks to create curiosity.Even after intermission some emotional scenes will make you laugh instead of being sad.Movie requires removal of not only unnecessary dragging sequences but also acceleration of pace.

Ratings 2.5/5

Verdict Above Average

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