Thursday, 1 November 2012

Heroine Movie Review

Heroine(A)-148 Min

Heroine is the story about Mahi Arora(Kareena Kapoor) who suffers from bipolar disorder and is a successful actress. But her career shows downfall as soon she broke up with superstar Aryan Khanna(Arjun Rampal).Although she is being marketed again by her PR & becomes successful but she loses the most beloved person in her life.

The story is not told in a systematic way & also keeps on jumping from days, months & years that makes movie confusing & difficult to understand. The Expectations from the Madhur Bhandarkar film is let down who made some of the national award winning movie.Movie is dull & fails in engaging its audience with it.Story just keeps on moving even sometimes scenes are not narrated properly. Only positive point of the movie is Kareena’s performance & 1 or 2 good songs.

Ratings    2/5 Stars

Verdict      Not good (Average)



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