Thursday, 1 November 2012

Chakravyuh Movie Review

Length-2hrs. 32Min
Movie is about naxals existing in rural India.Adil Khan(Arjun Rampal) is Police Officer who himself takes the responsibility of finishing the naxal existing at Nandighat near Bhopal. With the help of his best friend Kabir(Abhay Deol) he sooner gets grip on the naxals. But his friend Kabir realizes that naxals are fighting for their own rights & there is nothing wrong in it. He tries to explain this to Adil but he fails to understand and finally each of them chooses different path which leads to fighting with each other.

Movie other than naxals focuses on the corrupt politicians and businessman who justs wants to make money by any means. Movie lacks Indian masala and it’s pure indulging socio political drama. Ending of the movie is a bit unexpected & thought provoking about the fighting going on between naxals & police of India.Overall it’s a one time watch movie only if you are interested in serious movies, otherwise you may get a bit bored.

Ratings- 3/5 Stars

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